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You don’t have to be in the security industry for too long to realize that back channels, trusted relationships, and anonymous information is a vital element of both running a professional security operation, and improving a workplace.  Our reporting on the security industry works in a similar fashion and we want to ensure that readers have an avenue to let us know when an issue might warrant looking into.

At Voice of Security we frequently investigate industry events, situations, and wrongdoing and report our findings back to our members.  We do this by working anonymously with sources and personally investigating leads on stories that we consider topics that should be brought to light in the industry.  Maybe some examples would be helpful to illustrating the point:

  • To give a very brief and common example, consider the issue of an individual working in the security industry who is passing themselves off as a professional holding membership or credentials from a professional security association.  When, in fact, they have not been a member of the association for years and either never held a certification, or it expired long ago.  Voice of Security will look into those issues and report on our findings.  In the process we keep all information you submit to us through this page (and via email) confidential.  Our thought is the industry suffers when issues such as this are not brought to light.
  • Take another example where a Security Professional colludes with a Security Integrator on a project and conditions the awarding of a Security contract on the Security Integrator providing a kickback to the Security Professional.
  • Consider another example where Security Officers are working for an agency where the agency is not properly paying wages, maintaining licenses, complying with insurance requirements, or fulfilling jurisdictional obligations.  In that case, the officers are being hurt, along with the agency clients and the competitive landscape of competing agencies who play by the rules.

The size and scope of an issue warranting further investigation can range from minor to earth-shattering.  You likely won’t find other security industry outlets willing to investigate details and report findings in their publications.   

As an aside, here is likely why:  Because it’s easier to write fluff pieces, product reviews, or re-word press releases, than to risk upsetting an advertiser–or having an advertiser become the focus of an investigative piece.  At Voice of Security, we will report on issues that others won’t touch!

Keep in mind, if we want the security industry to have the highest ethical standards, we have to have a mechanism to see that those standards are maintained.  When our own industry has unfairness, wrongdoing, unethical, or illegal activity going onwe are failing those we serve to not act on it.

As mentioned the entire process is completely confidential.  Please use the form below to make us aware of an issue warranting further investigation.  We’ll immediately follow-up with you. Your confidential and professional input is highly valued.  We look forward to using your experience to benefit other Security Professionals.

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