Giving Thanks to…

As a regular feature, we at Voice of Security believe more needs to be done in the security industry when it comes to giving thanks to our colleagues.  Therefore, we have created this area of the site for you to let us know about those Security Professionals in the industry who are deserving of a special mention.

  • It may be a Shift Supervisor who has gone above and beyond in an area of their work.
  • It may be an Administrative Assistant who has spent years taking care of details for a Security Operation.
  • A Loss Prevention Manager who has recently developed a new and effective orientation program.
  • Or a Security Consultant who solved a persistent and particularly challenging issue. 

The possibilities are only limited by your willingness to consider who among your colleagues is really deserving of a special “pat on the back” or mention on the Voice of Security site.

Using the form below you have an opportunity to see to it that the security industry recognizes those folks who may not often get the recognition they deserve.

Complete the area below to Thank a Colleague!