Tutorial #1: Site Navigation

Tutorial 1 - Site NavigationThe Voice of Security website has been designed with simplicity in mind.  Our goal was a site that has some style, but is not so complicated that finding information is a challenge.

We recognize that new users of the site, especially users new to membership-based sites, may like a quick overview of how to get around on our site.

Home Page

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Let’s dive in.  Take a look at the image displayed here.  Go ahead and click the image to see an enlarged version.  You’ll find that many images on the site allow you to click them to see an enlarged version.

On the image we circled some areas of the site.  We are going to go through those and provide some info about each one.  We’ll start at the top:

  1. Our Logo – Clicking on our Logo on any page will take you back to the main page of our site—the “home” page.
  2. Search Box – If you put any term into the search box and hit “enter” on your keyboard, or click the magnifying icon the main content area of the site (# 4 on the image) will change to show any search results that match the term or phrase you searched for.  A list of matching site content will display for you to review further.  At the very top of this list the page will display (Search results for “search-term-here”)
  3. Main Menu – The main menu of the site is located across the top area, just above the content area (#4).  Clicking anything on the main menu will take you to that page of content.  The first item is an icon of a “home” and will always bring you back to the main page of our site—the “home” page—just like the logo mentioned in #1.
    The menu items after the “home” icon all lead to content directly, and on those with a small arrow next to them, putting your mouse over the word will result in a drop-down menu with other choices to navigate to pages of the site.  Each of those menu items in the Top Navigation and the sub-menu dropdown navigation are pretty self-explanatory but the best way to learn to get around is to use your mouse and click through them all!
  4. Main Content Area – The area shown as #4 on the image (link) we looked at earlier is the area of the site for the main content for the “home” page, or for any other page you end up displaying—such as an article, your membership page, a contact us page (#7), or other content.  Sometimes this main content area will show a list of many items—such as the “home” page or when you have multiple results after a search.  Sometimes it will merely show one article or piece of content.
  5. Right Sidebar  – Area #5 on the image (link) is known as the Right Sidebar.  This area of the Voice of Security site contains little “pieces” of information that might be helpful as you use our site.  The top area of the sidebar will show one of two things depending on whether you are  logged in as a member or not.  If you are not logged in it will show an area to enter your username and password to login (see more on member content in Tutorial #2: Member vs. Non-Member).  If you are logged in this area will show your name, membership level and a link to logout.
    Below the login area you’ll see a box of content that may change from time to time—when we launched Voice of Security it contained a Grand Opening message.
    Under that is an area that allows site visitors to make other types of online connections with Voice of Security—and other followers of Voice of Security on those other online platforms.  To get Voice of Security content notifications by email there is a box to put in your email address.  The icons below are what connect you to those other online platforms (see more on the icons and other platforms in Tutorial #3: Social Media)
    Our next right sidebar item is a brief background on our President and a link to more detailed information about him.
    Below that we show the last few tweets from the Voice of Security twitter feed.  Again, you can learn more about Twitter in Tutorial #3: Social Media.
    Under that we have three sections that offer three ways to see site content.  The first is a tabbed box that allows you to pick four ways to see site content you may want to read or review.  A “Tag” is a keyword that matches up to articles and content on the site as a way of indexing the content.  If you click on a tag—let’s say “Training” you will get any site content having to do with Training in the Main Content area (#4) in a list similar to the search results.  The other tabs in this box allow for seeing content and comments in varied ways.  Below that is a dropdown box that will work just like the “Tag” feature, but uses another indexing feature—Categories.  And finally, we finish that sidebar (upon our launch) with a small content section that highlights a few articles we feel might be worth noting as links on the main page for an extended period.  Click on any link to see the full article.
  6. Bottom Footer – The bottom section of the site contains four brief summaries across the bottom the mirror the four main top navigation buttons you saw in #3.  And under that we have placed three links to three key areas—getting “home,” our “contact us” page, and our “terms & conditions.”
    Tutorial Contact Us Page

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  7. Contact Form– Our Contact Us page is a very simple page like the image shown here (again, click to enlarge).  For any need at all, please feel free to use this page to get in touch with Voice of Security staff.  You simple fill in your Name, Email, and Message and hit the submit button (and you can mark the checkbox shown if you also want a copy emailed to you for your records).  Your message will go directly to our staff for response/follow-up.

We hope this first brief tutorial of navigating the Voice of Security site has been helpful to you.  Click here to continue on to Tutorial #2: Member vs. Non-Member.

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Vince Regan, CPP, PSP, PCI is one of the most highly credentialed security professionals in the world. As Voice of Security President, he works full time to inform and educate colleagues in the security industry.

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