Tutorial #2: Members and Non-Members

Tutorial 2 - Members & Non-MembersAs a membership based service the Voice of Security website controls access to site content that is displayed.  Members of Voice of Security have access to all site content upon logging in with their membership username and password.

At the same time we make a portion of all of our content available to non-members who are interested in finding out about the security resources, education, and articles we offer at Voice of Security.  We do this by allowing the first couple sentences  or the first couple paragraphs of our content to be available to non-members.  On Occasion, including at when we first launched the site, we make some articles and resources, in their entirety, equally available to members and non-members.

Let’s take a look at how some of these elements work.

Member Login

  1. Tutorial 2 Login

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    In the image shown here (click to enlarge) you see a view of one area of our site where a member can login.  This is in the right sidebar at the very top.  The area of the image marked with “A” is how it looks when you are not logged in, “B” is how it looks when you are logged in.
  2. Another way a member may login is when they use a link that takes them directly to member-protected content on the site.  This is common when you see a link to our content on other sites—such as Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or an email with such a link.  In those cases the link will take you right to the content, but the site may not recognize you as a member until you login.  If it doesn’t recognize you as a member you will see a box  and you will be able to enter your username and password to login.

Membership Level Page

  1. Tutorial 2 Member

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    Upon a Member logging in using either method mentioned above, you will always be directed to the main membership page for your level of membership.  In addition to your membership level, that page is customized with your login information and is a page where Voice of Security will post any messages specific to your Membership Level.  The page will look like the image shown here (click to enlarge).  At every membership level, in addition to membership information (“A” on the image) it will also show:
    • “B” a “Go Back” link.  This is one way to go back to the content you were viewing when you logged in—taking you back to the article you may have been at, or the “home” page.  Of course, your browser “back” button or arrow does the same thing.
    • “C”  A link to the Voice of Security “Terms & Conditions” page that govern your use of the site.  Should these terms be updated we will add a “new as of xx date” notice to make you aware of a change in the terms.
    • “D” A series of links to some of the most recent articles, resources and content on the site for a quick way to get to new content.
    • “E” An area where we outline a Premium Voice of Security Membership for very select members to sign up for this additional service from Voice of Security.

So, the above areas, the Member Login and Membership Level Page, give our members an idea of what to expect when they use the site.  Now, let’s touch on non-members.


  1. A Non-Member can become a member of Voice of Security by reviewing the information and following the steps at our “Become a Member” link.
  2. A Non-Member may also end up going directly to content on our site from a link at Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or an email with a link to our content.  In those cases the link will take you right to the content, but you will see only partial content if there is member-protected content in the article, resource, or page.  In that case, the Non-Member will see a boxed area that will contain a link to our “Become a Member” page.  At that point the site will take you through the steps to join Voice of Security and once that process is complete, you can return to the content you were viewing and see the entire content for that article or resource—and all other member content on the site.

We hope this tutorial helping you see the interaction with the Voice of Security site and how it can vary based on being a Member or not having yet joined the site.  Click here to continue on to Tutorial #3: Social Media.

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Vince Regan, CPP, PSP, PCI is one of the most highly credentialed security professionals in the world. As Voice of Security President, he works full time to inform and educate colleagues in the security industry.


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