Our Audience

Our AudienceWhen Voice of Security speaks of the “Security Industry” we are referring to a large group of professionals with a variety of responsibilities.  If you are wondering about the members we serve and if Voice of Security might be a good fit for you, please look below where we have listed and summarized over a dozen broad groups of individuals who make up the Security Industry.

These are the individuals who make up our membership and whom we serve at Voice of Security.  We hope you’ll consider joining them.

1Security Professionals – This group may seem obvious, but it is worth noting the wide variety of Security Professionals who find membership in Voice of Security helpful  to their business, career, or efforts in the industry.    The bullets below are just a brief list of the Security Professionals you’ll find in a variety of work settings, including:  Private Industry, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Utilities, Warehousing, Agriculture, Transportation, and many more.

  • Security Management
  • Loss Prevention Management
  • Corporate Security
  • Investigators
  • Physical Security Specialists
  • IT Security

If you are a Security Professional in any of the capacities or industries listed above you’ll find many colleagues among Voice of Security members.

 2Contract Security – Guard Force Management Firms and Private Security Officer Services make up this group.  In fact, private security officers, management, and associated support staff are one of the largest security industry employment groups worldwide.

3Executive Protection – The Security Industry has always had Executive Protection Professionals and this group has certainly seen huge growth in the last decade.  While a smaller overall industry group,  Executive Protection Professionals have a need to be current and knowledgeable on many elements of the entire Security Industry.

4Government Agencies – Internationally, all governments have agencies, ministries, or departments that require professionals who work in a variety of security capacities.  In the United States, for example, these agencies include the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Transportation Security Administration, State Department and dozens of others.  We cater to all similar agencies worldwide.

5Law Enforcement – While vastly different from Professional Security careers (in many respects), the Law Enforcement and Police agency sector shares some similarities with the security industry, including protective details, surveillance management, investigations, crowd control, interrogations, weapons training, and much more.  Additionally, it is not uncommon for Law Enforcement personnel to transition to the Security Industry at some point in their career.

6Security Consultants – Frequently independent individuals or firms, Security Consultants provide clients with advice, guidance, information, and education pertaining to security projects, operations, or best practices.  They deliver their services in a manner that is security product agnostic.

7Architects & Engineers – While widely varying in security expertise worldwide, more Architectural and Engineering Firms are now employing staff who have security training, backgrounds, and expertise when it comes to elements of building design and operation.  Staff of these firms, with this specialized focus, benefit greatly from Voice of Security membership.

8Security Manufacturers – Companies who manufacture security technology and solutions are vital to the Security Industry.  Most are sorely in need of more knowledge, exposure, and awareness of what is important to Security Professionals.  They gain those insights (and many more) as members of Voice of Security.  While common among executives and marketing staff, it is truly the sales organization that most needs security education.

9Security Integrators – Security Integrators in the industry ensure that the technology, services, and solutions needed to effectively operate a first rate security program are properly installed and serviced.  To effectively serve the end users in the Security Industry, Security Integrators need to be knowledgeable about much more than the latest camera or card access system.  The good players in this segment benefit from having their Project Managers, Sales Staff, Executives, and Marketing Personnel on board as Voice of Security members.

10Manufacturer Rep. Firms – Voice of Security serves as a resource to individuals with Manufacturer Rep. Firms working within the security industry.   As the “middleman” between Manufacturers and Integrators, in addition to often being on the front lines with end users, any good Rep. Firm knows they must be completely immersed in the happenings of the Security Industry.

11Publishers/Reporters/Media – In this area Voice of Security enjoys relationships and memberships from non-security media and reporting outlets (who want insights and education on security news) and the security industry publishers who maintain their own magazines, websites, resources, and publications serving varied segments of the industry.

12Educators – More than any other time in our history, universities and private sources are investing in educational programs, offerings and initiatives focused on the Security Industry.  Professors, Researchers, and Instructors worldwide who want to ensure their efforts are relevant to the needs of Security Professionals and students turn to Voice of Security.

13Security Associations – Voice of Security is a resource to the membership and leaders of Security Associations, Trade Groups, and  Professional Organizations.  Our work to provide education and information benefits individual members and helps these Associations see where they may fill needs currently unmet in the Security Industry.

14Security Recruiters – On the career development side of the Security Industry, Security Recruiters and Search firms realize they can best meet their client objectives when they work to personally understand the ever-changing landscape of the Security Industry.  They do this by using Voice of Security.

15Security Service Firms – We have aggregated firms in this area who need to understand the Security Industry in order to provide them with their talents and services.  This could be everything from a Marketing or Web Development firm, to Insurance and Loss Control Agents, Legal Advisors, Technical Writing Services, and dozens of similar services.  All are able to better understand and service the Security Industry through the information provided at Voice of Security.

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