News Events & Security Marketing: Caution

Caution TapeThe bombings at the Boston Marathon tripped up many a security manufacturer, integrator, pundit, and marketing staffer in the days and weeks since.  Sadly, many of these so-called security professionals remain unaware (or maybe aware, but unfazed) of their tumble.

A tragedy like Boston is not the time to market your product, with all its many wonders, by exploiting the horrors of the event.  From manufacturers to security industry journalists, we have seen claims being made that are not true—such as one writer going on at length about the role of video analytics in uncovering the terrorists. 

When the reality is the bombers were discovered by persistent Investigators—some reported to have reviewed the very same video clip over 400 times to identify the bombers—so any claims of analytics leading to a successful anything in this case are just flat out false. 

To see manufacturer marketing departments, social media writers, and even industry executives tie their equipment to having solved the identity of the bombers—or even purporting what their equipment “could have done” is often being handled with an awkwardness that borders on outrageousness.  

A news event like the Boston Marathon bombings is naturally a time when security professionals (including manufacturers, integrators, and executives) will be asked to provide their expertise on the event, the technology, and what options are available to prevent, detect, react, act, and investigate incidents like this one. 

Professionals in the industry (thankfully, the majority) wisely keep their comments focused on how their solution could be deployed in similar situations, being cautious to not exploit the news event for their own gain.  They walk the fine line (because they are professionals) between informing an audience wanting information, and going overboard by “gushing” about their product and its features.  It can be the most wonderful product or solution in the world, but true professionals realize there is a time to tout their product and a time to serve as a more generic source of professional information on the abilities of the technology or solution.  In many ways it separates those security professionals with class from those who are mere opportunists.

Photos by: David Ritter

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