Marketing Fluff: Intransa ELITE

Marketing FluffA recent Intransa press release—written like a train wreck—should have never seen the light of day, but there it was, out on the wire for the entire security industry to see, and—sadly—dragging Sony down with it this time. 

Wow.  Some Security Manufacturers must think Security Professionals love outlandish Marketing and Public Relations copy-writing.

I used to be on Intransa’s Marketing list and recall well the Jeff Whitney emails coming at all hours of the work week and the weekend.  They were always over-the-top and gushing with Intransa kool-aid; more so than most security manufacturers—which helps Intransa stand out from more effective marketers.

This time around the purported reason for all this Intransa excitement is because they have moved Sony from the meaningless Intransa Select Certified status to Intransa Select ELITE Certified status.  According to their website, at least as of this writing, they have no Sooper Dooper Select ELITE Certified status as of yet—meaning Sony has reached the pinnacle of Intransa certification.  A deeper look at the website shows that the Intransa manufacturer certifications are meaningless and largely undefined. 

An unfortunate down-side of all of this is that Mark Collett from Sony got pulled into the mix—and while I can’t be 100% certain, I doubt Mark ever spoke the run-on sentence that Intransa has attributed to him in their press release.

Personally, I think this press release was created as ISC West hype for lack of anything legitimate to introduce to the Security Industry.  Who knows, maybe the pressure of a trade show without a substantive product to highlight has many security manufacturers grasping for straws before the show.  The next two weeks will tell.  Let’s hope the rest of the Press Releases being sent out before and after the show have a bit less hype and a bit more substance.

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Vince Regan, CPP, PSP, PCI is one of the most highly credentialed security professionals in the world. As Voice of Security President, he works full time to inform and educate colleagues in the security industry.

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