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Q & A: Michele Freadman, CPP

Aviation Security Executives saw their role change dramatically after 9/11.  No airport was more affected than Boston Logan International from where two of the 9/11 hi-jacked airliners originated.  Over a decade later, Michele Freadman, CPP, is the Security Executive charged with coordinating aviation security at Boston Logan—a part of the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport).  In […]

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Q & A: Eduard Emde, CPP

With 38,000 members worldwide, Eduard Emde is the first non-US member within ASIS International to be elected to the Presidency.  Making his home in the Netherlands, Eduard has been traveling the world extensively to promote ASIS and the Security Industry since taking office in January of this year.  Throughout his travels, Voice of Security has […]

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Q & A: Bill Taylor

Voice of Security recently caught up with Bill Taylor for a Q & A session hitting on a number of security industry topics.  Bill has a long history in the industry and is the current Vice Chairmen of the SIA (Security Industry Association)  Board of Directors.  Additionally, Bill served as President of Panasonic Systems Networks […]

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