About Voice of Security

About UsThe first thing to note about Voice of Security, LLC is that we were formed to benefit people who rely on Security Professionals.  Who relies on Security Professionals?  Think of co-workers, school children, the general public, guests to your facility, and all those others whom we work to protect.

We do this by providing Security Professionals (and others) with news, insights, thought leadership, and education on topics and issues impacting the security industry.

At Voice of Security, we provide our content with two key strengths that set us apart from every other resource available to security professionals. 

  1. Credentialed Content.  Voice of Security is owned and operated by one of the most highly credentialed Security Professionals in the industry.  Vince Regan, CPP, PSP, PCI is President of Voice of Security, and all site content is developed, created, or reviewed personally by him. 

    Worldwide, Vince is joined by less than 60 individuals—out of millions of Security Professionals who make up the worldwide security industry—who hold all three board certifications.

    His daily involvement in the creation of content, educational offerings, insights, and thought leadership, separate Voice of Security from the host of other industry offerings, who may have very talented writers and staff, but who rarely have insights, credentials, and experience that will measure up.

    More on Vince is available here.

  2. Independence.  Voice of Security is an independent security industry resource free from influence of advertisers, sponsors and other special interest groups. 

    At Voice of Security we provide a candid perspective you won’t see elsewhere.  The independence of Voice of Security is important. 

    Our independence allows Voice of Security to report candidly on Manufacturers, Associations, Service Providers, Companies, and Individuals who are involved in the security industry. 

    Contrast this with nearly any other industry resource (think of every security magazine, association, and even most websites—not just those belonging to security providers, manufacturers, or distributors—but even networking sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest) and you will find that advertising and sponsorships exist across the board and often result in “watered-down” or “neutered” content that contributes little value to the education and knowledge of true Security Professionals. 

    Because Voice of Security does not accept advertising or sponsorships you’ll find content here with more focus and free from outside influence.

While the two elements above may set Voice of Security apart from the other resources clamoring for the attention of the security industry, we have even more to offer.

Mission. When we say Voice of Security was formed to benefit those who rely on Security Professionals (think of co-workers, school children, the general public, guests to your facility, and all those others whom we work to protect), that statement has great meaning.  When our efforts help improve the careers, talents, proficiency, and operations of Security Professionals then all of you are doing just a bit better at helping others—and ‘that’ is why we exist.

Big Tent.  You may be in Sales, Engineering, or Marketing for a security manufacturer.  You may be heading up a uniformed security patrol for a contract account.  IT Security Analyst or Physical Security Specialist.  Maybe a Security or Loss Prevention Manager for a Retailer or Corporate campus.  A Distributor or Manufacturer’s Representative.  An Investigator or a Security Consultant.  Private Sector, Feds, or Law Enforcement.  Industries from Energy to Education, Healthcare to Manufacturing, Transportation to Communications, and more.  Voice of Security is an open and welcoming industry resource that will make you a better Security Professional.

International.  Too many resources within the security industry are entirely United States focused even though our opportunities, our challenges, and our colleagues are spread throughout the world.  While Voice of Security is based in the United States, our doors are wide open to worldwide Security Professionals.

Ethics.  Under the leadership of a credentialed security professional, Voice of Security pledges to uphold a code of conduct that is unrivaled in the industry.  Providing our Members with content, education, and guidance that is without equal is an extension of who we are as professionals.

Membership-Based.   Choosing to forgo advertisers and/or sponsors, while presenting impeccable industry standards of professionalism, comes at a cost.  At Voice of Security we use a membership model to allow security professionals access to our industry content. 

Affordable.  We worked hard to keep the cost of our membership affordable.  For less than the cost of one brief industry webinar or manufacturer training course, you can have 365 days of complete access to real—in the trenches—thought leadership, education, interaction, commentary, and networking that will benefit your skills and boost your career.

Business Expense.  Certainly, we would suggest that membership at Voice of Security be a membership cost that is borne by your employer with a goal of keeping you relevant within the professional security industry, aware of trends, competitors, best practices, threats, and cost-saving ideas.

Down to Earth.  While our President has impeccable industry credentials, don’t let that mislead you.  We are people you can relate to.  We are the polar opposite of others you know within the security industry who feel they arrived at their “Holier than thou” position.  You know the type, running the speaker circuit at every trade show, dismissive of colleagues, arrogant, more involved in corporate politics than the mission of securing anything….and the list goes on.  They are the folks who go for the three to ten thousand dollar a year “security leadership” groups, roundtables, and clubs.  Voice of Security isn’t for them.  We are for the folks who are out there every day trying to make a difference in this industry—folks just like you.  You’ll see that in our Membership offerings.

Welcome to our site.  We hope this introduction has helped you gain a clear understanding of what Voice of Security is all about.  We look forward to serving you and contributing to your efforts within the security industry.