5 Months Later: Sandy Hook School Violence

Boy by Locker20 schoolchildren and 6 adult staff members fatally shot.  It was nearly five months ago that horrific school violence struck Sandy Hook Elementary school in the northeastern United States.

In the first days and few weeks after the shootings, the world embraced Sandy Hook, the grieving parents, the entire community, and all the surviving children who saw school classmates, teachers, and siblings lose their life in their school.  Support rolled in from around the world and every media outlet drew attention to the horror with non-stop coverage from seemingly every possible angle.

From the man on the street to the US President, so many people expressed “this time is different” (referring most often to all the past school shootings in recent memory) and that “we must act” to make our schools safe.

Fast forward five months and it is sobering to report that—as I see it—nothing has changed when it comes to keeping schools safer.

In fact, the horrors of Sandy Hook have, thus far, served as platforms for the pro-gun or gun control lobbies.  Two sides, long squared off against each other, still beating their same drums.  At five months post Sandy Hook, this is a travesty.  The lack of any meaningful action to improve school safety (surely the answers are not in the realm of gun control, the second amendment, or anything of the sort—no matter which side one considers “the solution.”)  That Sandy Hook has been used to take the country down the rabbit hole of “gun vs. no gun” is disturbing. 

20 kids and 6 adults died five months ago and—essentially—our nation has done nothing.  Not one damn thing to prevent this from happening elsewhere.  Not one substantive ACTION to make schools safer.  Politicians and lobbies are too busy exploiting the tragedy for their own particular angle and agenda on a narrow subject (guns) to the exclusion of every other potential idea that could keep our kids safer.  Why have we put the blinders on and failed to allow Sandy Hook to serve as the “wake up call” that so many claimed it was initially?

Collectively, we are so far from the “wake up call” right now, that I wonder what our surviving school kids think of our integrity, perseverance, commitment, and determination.  We aren’t doing right by them and, five months post Sandy Hook, we should be ashamed.

Photos by: John Steven Fernandez/Flickr

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